Friday, June 29, 2007

B-Side of the Week: Chi Ga

Mando Diao
Chi Ga (from the Paralyzed EP)

I want to live in a Swedish garage. I mean, I don't know what kind of tools or cars they put into their garages in Sweden but something tells me it's not the Ikea furniture that boys like Mando Diao are feeding on when they rock on songs like Chi Ga.

Chi Ga - lasting only 1 minute 39 seconds - is a rollicking storm through motown charged 50s rock n roll. I also don't know what singer Björn Dixgård drinks in the morning but it sure as hell helps him sing a completely nonsensical song in a garbled thicker-than-gravy Swedish accent with so much conviction, you'd think Josephine Alhanko's life depended on it.

So what on earth is a Chi Ga anyway? Some say it's a girl's name. Well, she'd be a pretty unfortunate girl if that were so (that's before you factor in the fortune of having a Mando Diao bside named after you). Some say it's a play on the words "she got". Ya. Very beat poet of them.

But I know what Chi Ga stands for. It stands for Chimpanzee Gamma rays. You know those super-intelligent space monkeys out of whose eyes fire bolts of electromagnetic radiation? Too bad for you if you've never met one. I've met a few. They shot at me for days. That's why now I'm a five legged amphibian with razor-sharp claws.

Mando Diao - Chi Ga


Athalia said...
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Athalia said...

But two of your legs have really short claws after you cut them last night. So they're not razor-sharp, but tender-pink.

The Geek said...

Maybe they are razor pink?

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