Monday, June 18, 2007

New Release: Weatherbox - American Art

Weatherbox are one of those bands that must have missed the memo issued by the unknown, unseen emo God. The memo that called on every band to quit the genre while they were ahead, before their moping fanbase grew up and found things in life to be happy about.

Nevertheless, their reduced cultural relevance doesn't really hurt their overall ability to churn out soaring tunes of the guitar-crunching, hook-humping type. After gallivanting the California indie rock scene via a couple of EPs, American Art is the four-piece band's debut. And, based on evidence from the couple of tracks below, they've got the goods to go the distance (that is, assuming they don't keep getting their equipment stolen, as reportedly just happened on their promo tour).

But still, it is kinda weird that (according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia) this emo outfit got their name from a song by post-punkers Mission of Burma. Which kinda makes you wonder: say mum was punk, and dad was emo. That would like, make the kid... emunk! Genius.

Weatherbox - The Drugs
Weatherbox - Drop The Mike

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Anonymous said...

emunk? wow.

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