Thursday, June 28, 2007

Word for the week: Robot

Because? You still want a "because"?

Robot Ate Me -
A Pillow (from Good World)
The last album by Ryland Brouchard's uber-quirky outfit squished 17 tracks into 20 minutes. But the cutiepies of the world are rarely big, and this 90 second song will make you wish it came with inflatable cheeks to pinch all day.

Goodnight Electric - Am I Robot (from Goodnight Electric)
Indonesia's current buzz band don't care if you look good on the dance floor, just as long as your arms flail around like they're operated by cogs and wheels.

Autolux - Robots in the Garden (from Future Perfect)
If Autolux were a Transformer, it would be a bitchin' tractor, complete with grinding wheels and a leather-covered gearbox. And its robot equivalent would have a sexy-as-heck baritone.

Joe Satriani - One Robot's Dream (from Super Colossal)
Hey, what's a guitar shredder doing here? Well, you know a cooler 50 year old? Neither do I, so he stays.

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