Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mercury Rev in Singapore: Tickets on sale today

Psyche rock icons Mercury Rev are scheduled to perform in Singapore on Thursday 2nd August 2007, as part of Singapore's premiere music festival Baybeats. Tickets go on sale today. Somewhere out there, neo-psychedelia purists are stocking up on magic mushrooms, or secretly hoping the generous folk at Esplanade will distribute some at the door the same way they gave out free ear plugs at the Mogwai concert last year. Which might totally happen, if those dudes believe that fungi has similar sound-muffling capabilities.

But never mind the nature of the door gift; go buy! Early-bird tickets are S$68, available for booking at the Sistic website. Which incidentally, if you scan through the page, includes sentences like "Log on to for read more about Mercury Rev." Hmm. For read more? Maybe they've already gotten a headstart on those shrooms.

Mercury Rev - Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell T' Th' Center of Yer Heart
Mercury Rev - Good Times Ahead

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