Friday, June 8, 2007

New Releases: The End

Citizens of Ice-Cream
The End

What do you get when you cross Mogwai with Chinese New Year? A Chinese ghost festival, that's what. Okay, you could also get KL-based Citizens of Ice-Cream (COIC).

Of course the Mogwai I am supposed to be referrring to is the Glaswegian 10-legged sonic monster that single-handedly helped coin the term post-rock, and not the little munchkin that preceeds the Gremlins' evolutionary process. But then again, to be completely fair to COIC, their glassy take on post-rock is perhaps not quite in the same apartment block as Mogwai's white noise washes.

Combining the delay drenched guitar, a lazy BPM beat and sparkling keyboards isn't all that revolutionary. But COIC's incessant use of oriental hooks (the band was born out of the trenches of the local Chinese independent scene), provides them with that added mojoistic angle by which to prick attention.

Try the post punkish Interpol-sounding thump of 'Leave it to the Ants'. It's yummily good.

PS: 'Mogwai' means ghost in Cantonese.

Track list:

1. The Last Emperor
2. Parks and Funerals
3. Those Who Walk in Chaos
4. Life is Short
5. Leave it to the Ants
6. The End

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