Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Black Sabbath in Singapore: Tickets go on sale 25th June ... (evil laughter)

Are you about a thousand years old? Then you may just be interested in this. Yes, the unholy godfathers of satanic porn metal are coming into Lion City on October 27th to wreck some ancient havoc.

Nope, Ozzy's not in tow. This is Black Sabbath circa Dio. Yes, that other ancient god grand grand grand grandfather of even more ancient metal Ronnie James Dio will be handling frontman duties.

Held at Fort Canning Park, the show is the band's only stop in South East Asia so don't miss it because you never know when these guys will snag some far too young groupie bird and fly off to never never land.

Tickets are priced at S$145 S$125 and S$110

For more info, go here

Below is a Fourtet cover of a Sabbath classic.

Four Tet - Iron Man (from the Everything Comes and Goes compilation)

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Genusfrog said...

are you SURE it's at fort canning park?

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