Thursday, June 21, 2007

B-Side of the Week: Village Man

Village man (from Why does it always rain on me single)

More than half of the Travis catalogue is made up of b-sides. And if this music fan blog I visited as "research" for this piece is anything to go by, the scale tips at a whopping 54-49 ratio. Yes, that means that Fran Healy and his rainy mates spend more time working for the backend of their floppy singles than the warm glow of an LP's fame. One of the best of these b-sides happens to also be on their one of their most purchased singles.

Village man is a track off the Why does it always rain on me disc, and is one of those regularly voted by skinny pale boys with floppy hair as a top 20 best Travis number of all time. And of course, you have to trust the fans. Especially fans of Scottish bands. Or don't you know that Scottish music lovers get the absolute best music growing out of the shrubbery at their doorstep, which also explains why they all live on rolling hills? I wish I was a Scottish music fan. I'd get to share in the proud bloodline of bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, Belle & Sebastian, Gordan Strachan & the Hooped Pants and of course, Travis. All those rolling hills. And skirts. And village girls.

Travis - Village Man

Casual fans note: Village Man's lyrics contain a reference to Elton John's Rocket Man. But who's to say it was intended, right? Right?

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