Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Release: Muxu - Above Us, A Clear Summer Sky

Above Us, A Clear Summer Sky

I first heard Muxu some months ago from a Junk mag compilation CD. At that point, I knew little about them, other than the fact that the song I heard ('Sunlight Through The Windowpane') was a delightful ball of blips and bloops. I didn't even know how to pronounce the name. Like, is it like "Mushu", that puny red dragon from Mulan? Or "Musu", the evil twin brother of susu?

So cue a few months later, and I've discovered that Muxu is not a red dragon, nor related to milk, but rather a pastel-tuned outfit consisting of two Malaysian dudes, Eu Seng and Huat Liang (the latter formerly the guitarist of Malaysian post-rock outfit Citizens of Ice-Cream, who we blogged about earlier). Their sound is not far from a merging of Album Leaf's delicate electronica with the lush, chiming atmospherics of Auburn Lull, all concocted within the digital confines of a snazzy laptop. All this, plus a strictly organic grasp for delicious melodies that gently pirouette into your head, sans the tutu but with as much grace and beauty. Perfect for a 3am session of wistful daydreaming.

Not that I do any daydreaming at that time, of course. I spend all my 3ams fighting pink dragons and flying kickass spaceships into planet Kobol. And the other day, I dreamt I was in a plane crash, and just as the plane was about to bash into a highway, I blasted it with my laser eyes and cleared a path so all the passengers could live. Plus, I was seated next to a hottie. Heck, even in my dreams I rock.

Track list:

1. Memorabilia
2. At Dawn
3. Sunlight Through The Windowpane
4. Is That You
5. Journey To The City
6. A Silver Lining
7. Mickingbird With A Pie (An Evening)
8. Saw You In The Nightfog
9. Rerun
10. Counting The Sheeps

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Anto said...

They've also released a free EP on the Monotonik netlabel, which is well worth a listen.

It's available here.

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