Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Massive Attack
Blue Lines

Price: S$6.95

So if you've taken a quick glance at our Pirates Playlist down the sidebar, you would probably have thought a couple of things to yourself. First, these stupid buggers must expect all (five) of their readers to have incredible eyesight, by putting up such pitifully small thumbnails. Second, what's with all that listing of classics by the likes of The Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley and Suede? Like, are these dudes a bunch of nostalgic grandpas?

The answer to the first thought is, well, err, gee...heheh. Dunno.

The answer to the second thought is, no, we're healthy, strapping young chaps, and still strapping and young and chappy (if not too healthy). The truth is, we've been on an "essentials" hunt in recent months.

Let me explain. You know when you were six, and your distant uncle would buy a packet of roast pork from some corner Chinatown shop every Sunday afternoon, and your family would crouch around that bag and pick at the pork with your fingers? And lick the grease off each one? And then you would squeal at your brother because he took the crunchiest piece that you were eyeing, but you couldn't get to because you still had another fatty piece in your mouth and your mom insisted you finish what's in your mouth first?

And, twentysomething years later, you wish you could revisit those days in all their splendour and squalor?

That's like us trying to hunt for our 'essential' albums of youth. And Massive Attack's Blue Lines is like that for me. It's the reason why I still have a soft spot for Zero 7. Or continue to actively dig through bargain bins to find a decently priced Boards of Canada album.

Yes, Massive Attack is bad for the heart—but good for the soul. A bit like roast pork.

Massive Attack - Hymn of the Big Wheel

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