Friday, June 15, 2007

Gig-gles: A Seven Collar Sonique Cinematique

You know what else Thursday nights are good for? Gigs, that's what. Why? Cause it's a cheaper day to rent the venue and Friday is just around the corner so people wouldn't mind an extra night of boogie on the dance floor.

Seven Collar T-Shirt will be hosting an ambitious show tonight at The Actor's Studio Bangsar tonight from 8pm onwards. Tickets are priced as a rather steep RM37.00. Why? Cause they've got:

  • a monkey choir,
  • sultry back-up singers,
  • male chicken dancers,
  • mini orchestra, and
  • midget break dancers
for the ride. It's seriously going to be a circus

PS: Only two of the above are true. Guess which ones. The winner gets leftover fruitcake from Christmas and a peck on the cheek from all three Pirates. That is if you are a girl. If not, the fruitcake was supposed to be good.

Seven Collar T-Shirt - The Summary (from Drones)

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