Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A foreign affair

We were in Singapore over the weekend. They say Singapore is so cosmopolitan and cross-cultural. Bah! If you want to feel like a foreigner, going to Singapore is no better than going to Parit Buntar.

Sure, the escalators are faster and the girls wear shorter skirts, and maybe there's a relationship between the two. Still, for most of the time, the three-storey HMV felt as local to me as Ah Kau's karaoke vcd shack.

That's why, to compensate for feeling like I was cheated of an out-of-Malaysia experience, I have to come home and spend one whole day listening to songs like this:

Vanessa Paradis - Ma petroleuse (from Atomik Circus OST)
French actress turned quasi-rock babe, known in the english speaking world as Mrs Johnny Depp, serves up a petrol-drenched guitar-driven turn on the ye ye genre.

Kent - Den doda vinkeln (from Du & Jag Doden)
Swedish veterans put away some of that furious riffing on this rock ballad of sorts. I'm no authority on the Swedish tongue, but something tells me this is not a song about gnomes.

Kahimi Karie - Por que te vas (from Girly)
If you think someone should tell Kahimi Karie that there's such a thing as too cute and too girly, then you're on your own. Japanese twee chick takes a break from her trilingual habits to whisper us this Spanish tune.

Yes. I've to listen to these songs. Otherwise, I won't be able to get this out of my system:

Speeding song (from the depths of a depraved mind)

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