Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

My Vitriol
(Infectious Records)

Price: S$4.95

England's propensity for churning out musical one-stop wonders is matched only by its ability to churn out one-stop footballers. Remember Kevin Richardson? Neither do I. Earned a cap in 1994 apparently.

Brighton's My Vitriol can at least claim to a single that charted #29 on the UK charts ('Grounded') and a persistent cult following. Rumors of a new album this year and sporadic festival appearances have of course made them less Richardson and more, Kevin Phillips perhaps.

Been tracking this one ever since I watched the band playing the delectable single 'Always Your Way' on a Channel[V] special. Happy as peaches in an ice-blended drink when I found this for a song in the 'Used' section of a popular Singaporean record store. This one's a shoegaze gem that incorporates the fury of Foo Fighters with the finer points of delay drenching. Really quite lovely stuff.

Jock-friendly shoegaze.

My Vitriol - Pieces (from Finelines)

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