Thursday, September 13, 2007

B-Side of the Week - Go Girl Go

The Raveonettes
Go Girl Go (from the Attack of the Ghost Riders single)
(Scream Sync Prod)

There is a girl. And she's in no hurry.

She sits at the mirror and does her hair. Her peroxide blonde hair. She combs like a princess in a fairy story. Outside, motorcycles gather. Black leather and the roar of burning petrol. They will thunder into the night, riding like ghosts, going like light.

But she's slow. Way too slow. The motorcycles burn up another storm, howling through the black nocturne. Go girl go. They're waiting. The chain gang.

On the lam. From the law. The gangleader stubs out a cigerette and says...

"Oi! Ah moi! Mau jalan ke tak mau jalan? Lu buat apa moi?"

They ride out. She had everything but she still wanted more.

The Raveonettes - Go Girl Go

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