Friday, September 28, 2007

New Release: Muxu - Show Us Your Weak Side EP

My friend's momma always thought me that nothing comes free. "The only thing you're gonna get free is your coffin. Then again it's probably bought with your money. Only thing is you're not the one handing over the cash." Smart lady that one.

So I've never expected anything to come free. Not even when they hand out little sliced sausages at supermarkets with the large sign 'Free Samples' in the background.

But Malaysian ambient/IDM-duo Muxu have proved me wrong. That for the last 30 years, I have been living my life incorrectly. That I should expect things for free sometimes, even complete downloadable EPs. They have just released a six-song EP titled Show Us Your Weak Side, through Monotonik, a web-based label that offers free downloads.

Man, what an ingenious idea. People should do this more and offer their albums up for free so that we can download them and spend our money on better things like red sports cars and fat juicy steaks. What did you say? P2P? What is that?

Wait, a minute, that's illegal. Sorry dudes and hot dudettes, this here is model citizen 102. If I want an album, I actually buy it off a rack. Or have you forgotten how CDs look like you chump? And even if I had to have a CD and I have not a penny to spare, I just beat it off some smaller rich kid. You know why? Cause I am a law abiding citizen.

Track list:

1. Hishiko
2. Let's Walk On The Frozen Sea
3. Meeting Snow During Summer
4. Morning Breeze & Talking Beans
5. Moving At 30
6. People Running Away

You can get the entire EP here.

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