Friday, September 28, 2007

Spin Hot Pursuit

Spin mag is partnering with MySpace-hopetobe Music Nation to present Hot Pursuit. It's the latest carrot dangled before the starving unsigned bands of the world—ok, just America in this case—that promises one winner not one, but three goodies. Namely:
  1. A development deal with Epic Records and Music Nation's label Original Signal.
  2. A slot at Spin's 2008 SxSW event.
  3. A song inclusion on an upcoming 2k sports video game.
Neato, sweeto. But... sigh. Why can't someone offer something that truly kicks ass for once. Like, how about a competition where the winning band gets a Lockhead fighter jet, complete with six Russian nuclear warheads, a book of NATO passwords and a one-year subscription to Espionage Monthly. Oh, and a record deal.

Anyways, while I order my secretary to start arranging for breakfast with Kim Jong Il tomorrow, check out for more info. Apparently they've got Perry Ferrell (Jane's Addition, Satellite Party) and Saddle Creek Records-mainstay Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life) to join the judging panel. Once again, judges for my contest would have invited Fabio. A dude that chiseled has to have some world domination ambitions.

The Good Life - You Don't Feel Like Home to Me (from Help Wanted Nights)
Satellite Party - Woman In The Window (from Ultra Payloaded)

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