Friday, September 28, 2007

British Sea Power offers free download, new EP

Brighton's finest sailors are finally back.

After a hiatus of nearly two-years without a peep, the band will be releasing a new five-song digital EP titled Krankenhaus? on October 8, with their third album Do You Like Rock Music? on schedule for a January 2008 release.

Yes, I am well aware they aren't sailors. Unless they've taken to think that skinny/gaunt British art-types make better sailors than the brutish louts from the pubs. In that case I would make a lousy sailor, seeing as I once slapped Ultraman around for eating his lunch too quickly.

To wet the appetite of hardcore fans in need of some hot and heavy soldier-loving, they've released a free download of the EP's opening track 'Atom' on their website. But why bother with that when we have it here so just go to the link and bomb away.

British Sea Power - Atom (from Krankenhaus?)

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