Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Hot Chip song download

On one hand, corporates who partner with bands to release a free song for mass download are positively annoying. Like, why can't the suits stay cooped up in their 88th floor boardrooms and let the basement-bound demographic do their own MP3 hunting?

But then you get something like 'I Became A Volunteer', a song from Hot Chip's third album (tentatively titled Shot Down In Flames), which the band have recently announced that they are giving away as a partnership together with EMI. It's got all those irresistible electro-pop squiggles, counterpointed vocals and an outro tailor-stitched to evoke woozy images of Daft Punk playing at your house.

So what's a torn music listener to do? Simple. Grab your art-purist side, chokeslam him through the coffee table, and pour a bottle of Chivas on his Monet-doting mug. It's your right to be a sellout.

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Hot Chip - I Became A Volunteer

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