Friday, September 7, 2007

New Release: Eugene Francis Jnr - PoorMe/Kites Limited Edition 7" Single

With just two songs on display here, trying to make out what Eugene Francis Jnr is about is about as easy as figuring out what McDonalds is all about by just eating a crumb from the batter of a chicken nugget. Or like understanding what the Bible is all about by just reading any random two words from any book. Or studying reptilian life through Japanese Godzilla movies. Although the last would be so awesome, I may just dump this joint and go and become one of 'em smarty pants in a daggy white trenchcoat.

The two tracks are rather different. 'Poor Me' straddles a nice line between tasty Postal Service-like pop-tronics with a twangy swing while 'Kites' is like taking Conor Oberst on a holiday, having a beer and just smiling a little more. Quite nice son, quite nice.

So yes back to that idea about me being a scientist. You think it'll work? I mean I can count. Two chickens = one egg. Four people = The Beatles. 10 Jessica Albas around you = the superdest, bestest damn experience you are ever going to have.

World peace ... through hot chicks. Woo hoo.

1. Poor Me
2. Kites

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