Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vince Chong + Hannah Tan = one sold out blog

Our sources are saucy. Not the red gloopy kind that freaks add to eggs and toast. Nor the brown slush that penguin-suited chaps drip all over your spuds so that you have no reason to decapitate the chef for making you pay 50 bucks for bland yellow carbo.

No, our sources are saucy. And the sauciest of our sources has dished out a real dollop of tobasco this time. The declaration du jour? That reality show champ Vince Chong and peewee model Hannah Tan are an item.

Like, why that matters, I don't know. All I do know is that info like this gives me a perfectly innocent excuse to spruce up this page. Because frankly, indie icons are ugly dorks. And every so often, this blog could do with a dash of soul-selling.

Vince - Janji-Janji (from Janji Vince)
Hannah T - Fly On Your Wall (from Crossing Bridges)

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