Monday, September 17, 2007

Portishead Live in Singapore: Mid 2008?

Yes, apparently sour times are coming to the land of Lions in 2008. If you're going 'Pot-a-loo-who?', we actually won't blame you (much), seeing as the Bristol band's last proper album was exactly 10 years ago.

10 bloody years. Granted it was a heck of an album, but lots of things can happen in 10 years no? I mean, just the other day they barred me for going into a preferred parking space because the card I was using was expired for a day. One damn day. And about a month ago, I tried to use a 1998 Toys 'R' Us discount card and the cashier laughed at me and said it's been expired for 9-years. That's still shorter than 10.

And what do Portishead get for being lazy for 10 years? This blog post and a show in, what is to them, an exotic destintaion.

Oh yeah, don't ask us how we got this scoop or we might be forced to put on some shades, wear a black suit and blow up some buildings. It won't be nice, seriously.

Portishead - Glory Box (from Roseland NYC Live)


dear said...

Hi There,

I'm from Singapore and the news of Portishead having a concert here sounds just great... so great that i can't believe it to be true, especially when u can't tell us where or how u got the info.

I have done extensive research online and this seem to be the only site with the news.

Not to be rude, but i hope that this is not a joke. No point giving us high hopes for nothing. If its not, please provide us with some kind of prove.

Thank You.

jin said...

heard they maybe playing in 2009 instead.

watch for it!

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