Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fad of the Land: OurStage

Most online voting contests are shams, in the sense that the winners are usually the people with the most friends. But OurStage aims to take a step away from that, by creating an environment for visitors to reward the most deserving. In the spirit of Web 2.0, users upload their content—be it a song, an animation, a short, etc—onto the site, specifying the category it is to 'contest' in. Then, visitors judge between two random 'nominees' in any given category, and pick the one they feel is deserving to go to the next round. The eventual winners for each category at the end of the month win some cash, and the grand prize winner gets $5,000 and a shot at shoulder-rubbing John Legend or screening their short at some film fest.

All rather tasty. But screw democracy! Give me dictatorship. If I were in charge, the winner of the month would be the dude who writes the song with the most mentions about me. That dude would then get tips on how to drop grapes in my mouth from the optimum height, and how to pave my driveway with ivory in a way that kills the most elephants. So, because I'm such a big-hearted dictator, I'm giving all budding slaves a headstart by giving a sample of what is expected. Exclusively mined from my bottomless lyrical trove. Ready?
Pantsy, oh Pantsy
Only you do I fancy
Please call me Miss Pantsy
Though my real name is Nancy
The closing date is 30 September 2007.


John Legend - Show Me (from Once Again) [BUY]

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