Thursday, November 29, 2007

B-Side of the Week - Green Grass of Tunnel

British Sea Power
Green Grass of Tunnel (from the It Ended on an Oily Stage single)
(Rough Trade Records)

British Sea Power cover Múm. That's all I have for you. The song is called Green Grass of Tunnel.

Oh, not good enough for a supposedly savvy indie music blog?

Ok, both bands are quartets, one is from Brighton and the other from Iceland. And
Múm is pronounced Moom.

Still not enough? Figured. You fascist.

The song's about a guy with a hole in his ceiling. Water drips on him and he swims through a tunnel. There's a lot of water imagery and to be perfectly honest, I wanna get this post done quick cos every time I listen closely to the lyrics, it makes me wanna hit the john. And there's nothing worse than a tune that makes you wanna urinate all over your office cubicle.

Like that time when I was three and my mum would whistle whenever she brought me to the little boy's. Now I can't hear a whistle without pissing the entire amazon basin. Damn that positive reinforcement crap.

Of course, I've found a way to use this unique conditioning. I work for the army. Yes. I work for the army to destroy the dangerous minority of savage whistling militia. What? You think that's lame? What? You think they don't exist? Oh, you think it's a stupid way to wage war? Tell me who wages war better then. Tell me. Huh? Who? British Sea Power?


British Sea Power - Green Grass of Tunnel

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