Friday, November 23, 2007

Fad of the Land: SellaBand

SellaBand has been around for the past year and a half. It's essential function is to get fans to help bands record albums. Fans buy shares in a band, and are christened "Believers". Once the band raises $50,000 worth of sold shares (equivalent to roping in 5,000 Believers investing $10 each into the band), SellaBand sets up a recording session, and the end product is sold to new fans, while both the band and its Believers share the resultant income.

Very neat. Anyways, it recently got neater, as the Believers for American popper-songwriter Cubworld, Dutch gothheads Nemesea, Kiwi rappers Maitreya and Brit trip-hoppers Second Person recently got their cut of the promised revenue (over $20,000 in total). Deducting 33 percent from that for SellaBand's own portion, then dividing the remainder between the four bands and their army of Believers means that the final individual slice of the pie does sound a tad skimpy. But who's to say you can't do much with $1? I can immediately think of about 49 things you can do, each one involving prostitution, a triceratops and shaving cream. Mail me for details. It's so worth it, seriously.


Cubworld - For Love (from Step Lightly Create Out Loud)
Nemesea - No More (from In Control)
Second Person - Water (from Elements)
Maitreya - Harlem Streets (single)


Magnus said...

It would be very cool if you linked to the download page on Sellaband for the free tracks. Or at least the artists' shops there.

Pantsy said...

Hello magnus,

Hmmm good point. I'll do that! Thanks.

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