Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Word for the Week: List


List season draws nigh. Paste couldn't wait for December, while Stylus closed their doors for good with an early one of their own. Where to scan 'em all? My two picks are Largehearted Boy, who has begun compiling the directory of every site that lists anything music-related, and Fimoculous, who extends the concept towards chronicling everything rankable, including the Best UFO Photographs. My shot of Britney's car almost made it to that one.

The Killers - My List
(from Sam's Town)
A slow-burning spawn from the loins of Chris Martin. Good thing Brandon Flowers didn't title it 'Persimmon', or something equally fruity.

Metric - The List (from Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?)
A gushing Emily Haines makes fuzzy nods to Broken Social Scene, KC Accidental, Stars and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Who ever said indie rockers are tortured, reclusive hermits?

my Orchard - A List Of Things (from Silhouettes)
Norway-originating, Sweden-based power poppers hide their mental tumult behind that Scandinavian vixen of a whistling synth.

Starflyer 59 - A Lists Go On (from Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice)
Aged, yet eternally tenacious; Starflyer continues to swim the doubtstroke in a placid pool blessed by New Order, plus an eyedrop of "abracadabra".

Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List (from Voices)
Had—had—to add.

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