Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Release: I am David Sparkle - This is the New

When I was young, perhaps around five, my dad decided one day that we should take a drive. I asked him where we were driving to but he just grunted. My dad grunts at everything. I once caught him grunting at the tape deck because it was playing 'Hard Day's Night' a nanosecond slower. Yeah my dad knows these things. He may not know that poultry means chicken or that the Internet is not inside the computer but hey, he knows when John's singing a fret lower.

So I got to the car. It was a nice black and white Toyota. The kind that looks like a shoe box with wheels. I tried to open the door but it was stuck. Turns out someone stitched the door together so I had to sit down there for about three minutes untying the stitch.

Five minutes later we were on the road. I was naturally excited. I have no idea why but I was. Then again I used to get excited when it was bath time or when I put coins in my piggy bank. Did I ever tell you guys about my super ultra brain-busting philosophy about kids? Oh, I haven't? They're dumb. Yeah that's it. They're dumb. I like my philosophies to the point.

An hour later and we were still on the same road. And there wasn't much to see. No sparklingly tall buildings or weirdly formed clouds. Just a dark grey sky, us driving under it and nothing for miles, and miles, and miles and miles. Occasionally there were minor bumps, a roadkill or two here and there to break the monotony but it was still predominantly the same long road.

And after about 10-hours, we came back to dinner.

Yeah that's it. True story. Still brings me to tears these days.

Track list:

1) The Way of the Universe
2) Do You Cry While You Sleep
3) Jaded Afghan
4) There is No Time for Love, Only Chaos
5) If I Never Come Back
6) Dance of Death


Anonymous said...

so is that a good review or a bad one if it leaves you in tears?

Anonymous said...

depending on the colour of the tears.

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