Saturday, November 17, 2007

Arcade Fire in SEA?

Yes the buzz coming in from the bird nestling on some ancient oak tree behind the Shell Station next to the Petronas Twin Towers says that Montreal's finest exports The Arcade Fire might be heading to our region Q1 next year.

No indication on which country exactly but Singapore's Mosaic is a possibility given the dates. But that's just me talking out of my rather smart ass.

Apparently paper work has been put in, managers contacted and it's just a matter of inking a deal. Supposedly this is to tap into the fact that the band will be heading over to Australia for BDO. If you have no idea what that has to do anything, basically - it's cheaper to fly seven people from Australia than Canada.

Yeah, amazing isn't it? Blew my mind to bits as well when I first heard it. What? No, no, not the fact that Arcade Fire will be heading over, but that it's cheaper to fly seven people over from Australia than Canada. I thought we were supposed to practice equality or something these days? What did you say? Distance? Only a word my friend, only a word. My dad thought me that. Especially when he needed me to run upstairs to carry his lazy boy down.

The Arcade Fire - Cold Wind (from Six Feet Under, Vol. 2: Everything Ends)


Chloe said...

Arcade Fire coming to Mosaic? Wow! Inside info?? How sure are you?

The Geek said...

We can safely say we are never sure. But we prefer to think that keeps things exciting over here.

But we did report on MCR and they are here. Although our Killers report is starting to sound more like a fart.

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