Friday, November 23, 2007

Rarity on the rarity - Lord, Don't Slow Me Down

Lord, Don't Slow Me Down
(Big Brother)

Rare factor: Online-only single.

Johnson begot Waters, Waters begot Berry, Berry begot Lennon, and Lennon begot Gallagher.

Now Gallagher was forty years when his disciples built an altar for his greatness. Beginning in his youth with Lightning Speed and Immortality, he proceedeth to craft the Great Brick Division and did so reach the peak of his strength with the enviable Eternally Reconciled Forward Glance.

His disciples asketh him, "O Master, what didst happen then?". And their master replied, "Assuredly, I sayeth to thee. I was there then".

Now the invading hordes were upon his kingdom, and the mighty army of Yorke hath conquered much new pasture. And Gallagher thought, "I may be hard of youth now, but surely the Lord hath much promise in this new land. And I shall seeketh it with an online-only single."

And so Gallagher lifted his voice to the Lord, the God of his fathers, and saith "Lord, don't slow me down".

Oasis - Lord, Don't Slow Me Down

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