Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Release: The Great Spy Experiment - Flower Show Riots

Okay you know what? I am a fairly abstract kind of dude. How do I know?

Well, I can see through feathers and imagine a plate of golden roast chicken. Or through spots of smelly dung and see a juicy tenderloin steak. Or through the murky waters of Port Dickson and see a chunky plate of my dad's lovely sambal fish dish. So all my abstractness has something to do with food, so what? Try not eating then. If you can't, then I win. Woo.

So I am about as baffled as any when I saw the album title of this latest release by the irrepressibly popular and chic Singaporean post punk heroes The Great Spy Experiment. The set's a bit on the flat side at times, offering nothing more than Brandon Flowers' coattails. But there are some fairly sparkling cuts, namely the one posted here.

Okay back to my baffling. Firstly cause it's about flowers, not pork loins. And anything that's not about food, I most probably care little about or just can't see (lard blindness, it's a new disease, just discovered four seconds ago) Secondly, I have seen people who frequent flower shows (case in point my often reserved aunt) and if there was ever a riot started by them, I might as well release my super ultra top secret crazy explosive ultra beta gamma nuclear boom-boom shake-shake the room weapon - and turn the world into a wasteland of marauding zombies.

Why I would do something crazy like that? Cause zombies are cooler than flowers. Peace.

The Great Spy Experiment - Late Night Request (from Flower Show Riots)

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