Monday, November 12, 2007

New Release: Libretto - Disc:losure

The:re is lit:tle I love more about East Malay:sia other than it's cheap barb:ecued chic:ken wings. 6 for RM5.00. In case you:'re not much of a math:ematician, that's pretty darn cheap.

But of course, that is in Sab:ah. Hip post-punk:s Libretto are not from that stat:e but the on:e next to it, Sarawak. To ass:ociate them with cheap chick:en wings would be like telling Span:iards that they make good past:a.

Though t:his five song EP shuffle:s a:round juicily like one of them soar:ing charcoal:ed-tinged wing:s, from the brood:y angular rock of Pinback to At the Drive-in's less Technicolor moment:s, Libretto drive:s a pretty hard post-punk bar:gain. And that's say:ing a lot seeing as no one does bargain:s as good as ye pirate:s here.

Track list:

1. Skies & Robots(Lufturnich)
2. Ho-Ju
3. Novelist,The
4. They're Here But We Ain't Ready
5. Skies & Robots(Mechanism)

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