Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This Week's Track 9 - Tell It Like It Is by Graham Coxon

Fragile chap. Yes, I've always liked the idea of a fragile rock chap, wearing at least a veil of noise to hide the brittle voice and vulnerable lyrics. That's pretty much what you get with possibly-no-longer-former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. In this track 9, he extols the superlatives of a girl whom lazy internet gossip sites call a "model agent". One site goes as far as to assume she's a "gorgeous doll of a girl" but the last time I checked, model agents are agents and not models because they aren't gorgeous dolls.

But who am I to say? There's every reason why a good looking girl can still be a model agent. After all, I'm the one who once had a whirlwind romance with a stunning North Korean girl who was an agent of everything. Sure, it only lasted two weeks, but in that time, I found out that she was a travel agent, an insurance agent, a press agent, a sports agent, a special agent, a real estate agent, and agent Orange all at the same time. Yes, that's right. I made tireless love, seven times a day for fourteen straight days, to a girl who was a biochemical weapon and I survived. She, however, didn't. Which not only explains why the whole thing lasted only two weeks but also why I never found out if she was ever a model agent.

Graham Coxon - Tell It Like It Is (track 9 from Love Travels At Illegal Speeds)

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