Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Release: Scott Orr - Miles From Today

As a penny-wise international student, one of my favourite weekly routines involved heading down to the city markets just before noon. No, it wasn't because the belly dancers came out that time to do the cha cha in a vat of squished grapes. It was because that was around the time when all the grocers started slashing the prices of their goods in an epic effort to get rid of their produce, otherwise whatever was unsold would spoil and go to waste. And in "slashing", I mean 5 kilos of apples for a dollar, or two boxes of watermelons for whatever change I had in my pocket at that moment (never more than 50 cents, miraculously).

Discovering Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Orr and his download-for-free sophomore Miles From Today is like arriving at the market at 11.53am, where all the metal grills have been pulled down and the shelves cleared, and you walk past the fishmonger who is flushing the ice down the sink, and he sees you walk by and chucks three crates of Kangaroo Island rock lobster at your feet and glumly says, "No one buys these anyways", and you take them home and throw a dinner party, with cheese-baked lobster as the evening's mains, and your guests all think you sold your country's entire oil reserves to buy the lobster, and you smile in smug silence, because you're a frackin' genius of a bargain hunter who knows how to con your way towards recreating a dining experience that is the equivalent of a vat full of belly dancing grape squishers.

Track list:

1. Don't Want To See That Again
2. Other Thoughts
3. Wondergirl
4. Hurricane
5. You Know What This Song Is About
6. Love Is A Dream
7. Old Enough
8. Take Them Home
9. You And I Alone
10. Dreamer
11. What A Way To Go
12. I'll Wait For You

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