Monday, November 19, 2007

Pelle Carlberg and Club 8 in Malaysia?

Rejoice ye purveyors and consumers of twee-licious Swedish pop, Labrador Records fulcrums Club 8 and the delectably catchy and silly Pelle Carlberg could be making their merry ways to our polluted and dirty shores.

What is it with the water in Sweden? Can everyone write indie pop songs? Is it like some national identity thing? That if you can't strum a cutesy pop song then you may not be Swedish? And why is it that every girl is a blond bombshell? What? It's in their genes you say? Nonsense. How do I know it's nonsense? Because I've locked myself in my top top toppest top secret lab for the past 30-years trying to figure out this mystery and I have deducted that it's the water. I know this because all these girls at some point in their lives, drank water.

Yes it's that simple. Science is easy when you're a genius you know?

Pelle Carlberg - Crying All the Way to the Pawn Shop (from In a Nutshell)
Club 8 - Jesus Walk with Me (from The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming)

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