Tuesday, June 10, 2008

B-Side of the Week - Carnaby Street

The Jam
Carnaby Street (from the All Around The World single)

Paul Weller must have a thing for naming music after addresses. He had that solo album called Stanley Road and now I've dug up this b-side from The Jam's heyday called Carnaby Street.

But as way back as the early 1930s, I had already released a 7" blues record called Jalan Gajah Mati. Well before the war broke out, I already had the gold hit Jalan SS2/15F playing out of every radio in Malaysia. And the post-war boom saw successive releases of my double-disc concept album Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (disc one was Utara, disc two was Selatan) and the regional top 10 single Unit 3A-3A.

So apart from the abundantly obvious double truths that Malaysians can do whatever the Brits can and that I've had a brilliant career, this also puts to rest any further doubt that panda bears are in fact insects. I saw one with six legs the other day. Damn thing flies like a jet I tell you.

The Jam - Carnaby Street

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