Friday, June 20, 2008

Word for the Week: Serious


The Euro Championships enter the quarter finals stage. And playing in the quarter finals is serious business. No seriously, it's serious. Refs have been ordered to issue straight reds to anyone who so much as twitches any of the 17 facial muscles required to shape out a smile. Giggles get an automatic three-match suspension, hearty chortles a one year ban, and full-blown ROTFLs will be met with Kazakhstan's entire naval fleet ripping 19-inch holes into the offender's spine while the Hulk doles out 2,000 Hulk Smashes as the player lies paralysed on the hospital bed. Yeah, it's dead serious.

Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (from Rounds) [BUY]
If life were truly "serious" as Kieran Hebden postulates it to be here, we'd all be happier than hi-hats.

Mika Miko - Take It Serious (from C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.) [BUY]
Noise punk spat right from the tonsils of LA's creme de la femmes.

Think About Life - Serious Chords (from Think About Life) [BUY]
Montreal's disco punk denizens insist some chords are more serious than others; I think they were talking about Ab7#5#9#13. That one never smiles.

Richard Hawley - Serious (from Lady's Bridge) [BUY]
Uncle Pulp would like to take you on a spin down the seaside route while he doles out some elderly advice on choosing love over loneliness.

Electric Light Orchestra - So Serious (from Balance of Power) [BUY]
And to think we're only halfway through the tourney. Awesome blossom.

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