Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the papers today...

An Australian drugs trial had to be suspended after it was discovered that some of the jurors had spent half the court time playing Sudoku. According to the jurors, the Jappy numbers puzzle game helped them keep awake throughout the long, drawn out case that had already stretched three months and had cost over A$1 million. Upon hearing their reasoning, the judge was convinced, and ordered 12 more volumes of puzzles, so he could pretend to be interested too.
This story reminds me of: Patrick Phelan - Lesser Laws (from Cost) [BUY]

The United Kingdom has launched an advanced satellite called Skynet. The purpose of the satellite is to help British military forces around the globe stay in communication. According to a spokesperson, "Skynet 5 is about two-and-a-half-times more capable than the previous system.... So, computers can talk directly to computers." In an immediate response to this, Russia announced it had begun cloning experiments on 18,000 ladies named Sarah Connor.
This story reminds me of: Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Doomed Now (from You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into) [BUY]

Sylvester Stallone has agreed to star in a Bollywood film. Entitled Kambakkht Ishq, the romantic comedy will be shot in Universal Studios and stars Akshay Kumar as a Hollywood stuntman and Kareena Kapoor as his love interest. And Sly? Well, reports say he'll play himself. Which bodes well for those scenes involving songs and dances around stiff, motionless objects.
This story reminds me of: Weird Al' Yankovic - Theme From Rocky XIII (Aka: The Rye Or The Kaiser) (from In 3-D) [BUY]

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