Friday, June 13, 2008

Word for the week: Frog


It's Genus Frog's birthday. He's leaps and bounds ahead of your average amphibian. Yup, he's pretty much croaking his way to immortality. Ummhmm, sometimes he ponders his future a bit too much, but I reckon we'll be able to rib it out of him in no time.

Michele - Songs To The Magic Frog (from Saturn Rings) [BUY]
Michele O'Malley's luminous psych pop shoulda never fallen prey to 'em 1960s corporate shennaniganers. You're damn right there's such a word.

Sergio Mendes featuring Q-Tip and - The Frog (from Timeless) [BUY]
Dear indierati, if you can, do give Mr My Humps a chance; even Nickelback had one decent song.

Keane - The Frog Prince (from Under The Iron Sea) [BUY]
The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Chris Martin would like us to know that they have no intention of naming their kids Papaya.

Tom Smith - A Boy And His Frog (from Who Let Him In Here?)
If Daniel Johnston ever scored The Muppet Show, you have to imagine it sounding close to something from the loins from this much-revered filker (that's folk with a sci-fi theme, in case you're wondering).

Kermit The Frog - The Rainbow Connection
Q: What did one gay frog say to the other? A: Rub-it Rub-it.

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Mark said...

Hey, if you get a chance give a listen to this indie-pop band from Sweden called Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck. They're signed to the label I'm interning for this summer and have a new CD out. Total indie cred.

Mark Schafer

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