Thursday, June 5, 2008

Word for the Week: Fuel


Fuel in my part of the world went up 78 cents. So obviously, I'll be complaining like the rest of the dungus, right? You dungu. Neither me nor the 18 bottlenose dolphins pulling my barge give two fins about petrol. But if they start messing with tuna prices, then oh boy, things gonna get real nasty...

M Ward - Fuel For Fire (from Transistor Radio)
Find me a bedroom beau that snuggles better. If you do find her, tell her to give back my teddy Bushy Cush.

Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) (from Something Like Human)
One of these days, when your closet Scott Stapp gets his annual stroll round the suburb, you'll thank me for this. You watch.

Anberlin - Readyfuels (from Blueprints for the Blackmarket)
An embattled Stephen Christian settles on abstinence, despite his honey's killer dress. She probably made him watch Sex In The City.

Metallica - Fuel (from Reload)
Ain't no highway long enough to burn up the fumes bursting outta this axelchomper.


Dhaz said...

figured metallica's fuel would b on the list. very nice to c metallica in your post.

i agree, y bother wit fuel when tuna prices are under control. haha. damn price hike.

nice post. keep it up.

SeanDiS said...

Did you see this?

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