Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Euro 2008: Dutcho Destructo

There are some things in life, you just can't imagine happening.

The 3-0 mauling the Dutch gave the Italians last night at Euro 2008 ranks second in a list of things I couldn't have imagined happening. I would've sooner imagined Dutch coach Marco Van Basten doing a Swan Lake routine, complete with twirls with a Timmy Thomas track blaring in the background than this. Or Italy coach Roberto Donadoni breaking out the karaoke machines for some Carpenters loving at half time. Or me bedding six catwalk models with Starflyer 59 serenading us in the background. Oh, wait, already done that.

Ah, what's the first you say? This. So much so that I just leaped off the roof of a 39-floor building just to prove that it isn't real. Yep, I'm still talking. Thank God, it wasn't real. Hey, is that blood I see. Oh, why is everything turning dark? I wonder what is ... (silence).

Editors - Orange Crush (REM cover) (from Blood single) [BUY]

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