Friday, June 20, 2008

Free download of Slipknot's new song for next 24 hours

No time to waste, so we'll get right to it. We gotta be efficient. Gotta be snappy. Get to the point. Yep. Short. Succinct. Uh huh, no room for excess words.

You've got 24 hours — no, now just over 19 — to download — wait, I think it's more like 18 and 56 minutes and 45.3 seconds — Slipknot's new song 'All Hope Is Gone' from the album of the same name. Have I said that we don't want to waste your time? Well we really don't. Seriously, it's the last thing we wanna do. Ok, maybe the second last, next to making you think that llamas are better than okapis. Because they really aren't, you know. We hope you don't believe that one bit. That would be a major travesty if you did, and we always endeavour to prevent our faithful, time-sapped readers from wasting time on frighteningly important matters like that.

So you alright on the llama front? Cool. Wouldn't want to waste your time. Have I said that? Good. Wouldn't want to repeat myself either. That would be bad. That would be bad.

To download the song, click here.

Slipknot - My Plague (from Iowa) [BUY]

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