Wednesday, October 10, 2007

B-Side of the Week - Killer Cars

Killer Cars (from the High & Dry/Planet Telex single, cd 2)

Aaaahhh.... Radiohead. That incredible beast from literati town. You know, they're releasing their seventh LP today. Incredible. Every internet site remotely connected to the living, nevermind the dead, will be talking about it.

They sometimes remind me of this other beast, also from a very literate place. It was a robot that my mum bought me from the organic robot store. It had flesh that felt like real flesh and hair that felt like real hair. Its voice was intelligently composed from real voices and my robot - whom I wish was called Kid A, but wasn't (it was called Bob) - did all my homework for me. Heck, he tidied up my room, made my bed, played football with and against me and when our fridge wasn't properly stocked, he would open up his organic robot ass and shit out bacon, eggs and toast, just for me.

But like Radiohead and all other things, Bob the Organic Robot grew old. And as he grew old, he wore out. First, his left leg fell off, from beneath the knee-joint. Then his ears started rotting and both his arms dropped off. Eventually his whole head fell out and we had no clue what to do with the remaining stump.

So we gave him away. To anyone who would pay anything for him.

Here's to Bob the Organic Robot, and his younger, more user-friendly days.

Radiohead - Killer Cars

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