Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nine Inch Nails do a Radiohead (sorta)

It's such a rage isn't it—mega bands choke slamming record labels. A week after Radiohead do a People's Elbow on the bigwigs, Nine Inch Nails have just sent Interscope straight through the canvas by dumping their label in favour of going independent.

It's yet another killer move for music industry moguls. No, I'm not talking about some measely rope-to-rope, elbow-to-the-ribs sorta move. This is more like Fat Albert jumping from the rafters and landing on Tiny Tim's testicles. Or like the Undertaker driving a 20 tonne truck over Squirt the Squirrel's stomach, after which Squirt's colon spatters out and latches itself onto the back wheel of the truck, and the Undertaker continues his drive all the way to a Domino's outlet in Bangalore so that he can pick up some chili flakes and sprinkle it on Squirt's colon and eat it with a 20-inch tandoori cheese pizza. Trust me, the taste is totally awesome.

To read the official announcement, click here.

Nine Inch Nails - Zero-Sum (from Year Zero)

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