Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Esplanade presents: Lover and the Sea by Astreal

A chick-fronted outfit, a swanky ball of spikes and a Friday night. No, this ain't National Whips Day in Amsterdam. This is Singapore, baby, and shoegaze roadrunners Astreal are the latest reps of Lion City's lacquered indie scene to have their own night at Esplanade's concert hall (Concave Scream and The Observatory being the other selected ones this year). The band's devellish mix of gloom-and-doom melodies and sex-frenzied moans is fully capable of putting more than a few dents in those teak walls, and I'm half expecting reports of dead, wrist-slit bodies strewn across Clack Quay the following day. That, or a constitutional amendment banning leather straps.

Date: Friday, 30 November 2007
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Recital Studio, Esplanade
Price: S$25

For more info, click here.

Astreal - Wallflower (from Fragments of the Same Dead Star)

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