Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Word for the Week: Loser


Well, you see, some of us play fantasy football (i.e., soccer). Some of us, not including me. And some of the some of us who play fantasy football bragged over the weekend about how his team was going to rule the roost of fantsy footballdom from now on, and how splendid his team was, and how their cumulative average points per week was the highest of any combination of players, and how he couldn't go wrong with his team selection.

And, well... some of the some of us who play fantasy football, and bragged about how terrific they'd do over the weekend—didn't do too terrifically. Which makes some of us a loser. And since some of us does not include me, I get to do what all losers don't: gloat. Can you feel my swelling head...

Flogging Molly - What Made Milwaukee Famous (Made A Loser Out Of Me) (from Alive Behind the Green Door)
Pre-Flogging Molly's version, this song about beer's destructive wiles had been limited to placid ol' country interpretations. Trust the Irish to throw down the best ode to grog.

Lucy In The Loo - Loser Lullaby (from Radio Malaya compilation)
One of Malaysia's original power poppers beckons us to embrace the romanticism of Third Division puppy love, while it lasts.

Ben's Bitches - Webchat Loser (from National Disservice)
Ninety-eight seconds, ditzy handclaps and a chorus that honours the Archies; for a moment, you'll forget that this is the same punk-rock act that writes tunes about masturbation, black metal and flat-chested models.

Pablo - Loser Crew
(from Half The Time)
This Brooklyn-based indie folksters unearth the mystery of mingling with the fellowship of the defeated; their revelation is a soul-bruised slugfest worth moping along to.

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