Monday, October 8, 2007

New Release: The Otherside Orchestra - Healing Gravity

The Otherside Orchestra is not really an orchestra.

Unless you think shopping malls are the same as arcades. Or Ultraman is the same as Godzilla. Or if you think Ryan Adams sang 'Summer of 69'. No my friend, they are not an orchestra, unless orchestras have been debunked into a rock 5-piece that plays furious fusion instrumental rock with a dash of indie-cism.

But it's cool to name yourself one huh? I mean, when I think about this, I am reminded about the time when all my friends named ourselves after Transformers characters. Everyone refused to give me the Optimus Prime name, insisting that I take Sludge or Bonecrusher. I have no idea why until today, cause when I see myself in the mirror these days, I still see a red truck sometimes.

For more info on how to get their EP, go here.

Format of file is m4a so for those of you that can't read it, you need to up the ante on hip-ology. Cause what I hear, they going to make it a law that anyone that doesn't have an iPod will not be able to buy groceries in the future. Honest, I read it in the National Enquirer sometime back and you know the Enquirer, they only report hard truth.

Track List:

1. The Orchestra Has Just Arrived
2. Eksperimentasi Clectro Cinta
3. In Certain Circumstances
4. Possessive

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