Friday, October 19, 2007

KL Jam Asia - No More?

Re-sweetened for death.

Popular KL gig venue KL Jam Asia has once again slammed its doors on the budding independent music scene. Rumors of management changes, Bollywood nights and RM35.00 cover charges have been floating around although none properly confirmed.

What's the whole hoola boo loo hah about a gig venue anyways? Well, Jam Asia is sorta like a CBGB to us but with bad drinks, a menu that spells nuggets as 'nuggest' and an inappropriate picture of Che Guevara hanging at the background of the minuscule stage.

Never mind that half the time I've been there for gigs, I can't see a damn thing, especially when I have 'Magic Johnson' standing in front of me. Then again I remember being particularly pissed that someone spilled beer on my jeans once. And also there was this time when some silly local folk hero stumbled through a set half-drunk while his friend heckled him from the back of the hall.

Sorry, we were supposed to miss this place?

Portishead - Half Day Closing (from Portishead)
Hopesfall - End of an Era (from No Wings to Speak Of)

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