Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Word for the week: Kick


The 2007 Rugby World Cup just concluded in France last weekend. I got up at 3am bubbling with the excitement of an alligator creeping up to an unsuspecting antelope in a Congo savannah...

And ended up watching South Africa beat England 15-6 by kicking five penalties against England's two. Yes, kicking. A sport built around the concept of a bunch of epic oafs who inflict bone-crippling pain on the opposition and chew off each others ears en route to scoring an earth-shattering try—and it's most important game was decided by thumping a ball through a pair of sticks. If I wanted balls and sticks, I woulda ordered meatball kebab. IRB, I demand that you refund me my 3am.

Okkervil River - Unless It's Kicks (from The Stage Names)
Baroque rock loaded onto a wagon, and then dragged through Andrea Bocelli's lower cavity on the way to Deadwood.

The Kicks - 12 Steps (from O'rama)
Arkansas pop punkers perform artful sugar surgery, making some fine incisions to trim the lipids that panicked at the disco and fell out of boy.

Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push (from Food & Liquor)
Some hail this rap gem as the best depiction of skateboarding. It is so not. If it was, the song would be called "Whirrrrr, OH SHHI...SONOFA... splattt... Stupid Doberman".

Kings of Leon - Four Kicks (from Day Old Belgian Blues EP)
Bluesy rock siblings renovate a Brussels stage to resemble the mossiest crevices of their garage.

French Kicks - So Far We Are (from Two Thousand)
If the French rugby team reproduced this song's two-step vivacity during their semi-final match against England—it would probably still have resulted in a boring-ass final.

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Adrian said...

There are no alligators in Africa (except in zoos)--they have crocs over there:

Good list otherwise.

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