Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Week's Track 9 - Candle by Sonic Youth

5.43pm. "Oh crap!" exclaims Captain Genusfrog, "My track 9!". Fingers primed on the keyboard, he firms his resolve. "Watch as Captain Genusfrog churns out a blogpost in 15 minutes!"

The girls swoon. "wooo!"

5.45pm. The song is chosen! The girls clap. (Clap clap clap.)

5.50. Cpatain Genusfrog wails in terror. The girls cry. "Why? Why?"

Captain Genusfrog is in trouble. The archvillain Rytersbloc is in full swing.

The girls fear. "Oh dear!" One girl offers to help. Captain Genusfrog allows her, but only because she's a dead sexy bombshell and has lips he vows to kiss once this episode is over.

"The song is called Candle. The lyrics are surrealist and oblique to say the least. It's by Sonic Youth, on their seminal album Daydream Nation. I got nothing." Captain Genusfrog belts out, for some strange reason gaining credibility with the bombshell as he bares his vulnerability. "Nothing", he finishes on an echo.

And then he looks up... "I shall die", he mutters to himself. Captain Genusfrog capitulates. Rytersbloc attacks.

6.01pm. A bolt in the sky. Superheroine Navelgazergirl, stupendous inward-looking blogger bursts like light in an already bright sky. "I shall revive you Captain Genusfrog, for I have just posted on my blog! Go and return inspired!". She flies across the scene with her head tilted downwards, dropping the url from the heavens. A savior!


And then, just like that, Navelgazergirl disappears. The bombshell wows. "Is Captain Genusfrog able to write now?"

6.14pm. Captain Genusfrog, with renewed vigour returns! Inspired he is. But he is faced with a second villain.

"Oh no!", cries the bombshell.

Rytersbloc has been paired with the evil Absenceofangle! They take stabs! They stab and stab and stab. Until Captain Genusfrog, in one swing, destroys Absenceofangle, and with his withered arm, destroys Rytersbloc.

The post is shabby. Irrelevant to music, candles or Sonic Youth, and absolutely lazy. But some will say it was readable.

Sonic Youth - Candle (track 9 from Daydream Nation)

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-tom said...

I don't know why, but somehow that all worked.

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