Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Radioh... I mean, The Charlatans give away new album

No, it's not quite news on the level of some other Brit band (virtually) giving away their new album. But then again, for the past two days nothing much in the music world is. I mean, there was this one time when I released a killer cover of 'Three Blind Mice'. Man, it was the most buzzed about song on Hype Machine for 19.56 whole seconds. Like, that was news. Like, "Thom, Johnny, Ed Colin, Phil will be the names of my babies even if all of them are girls"-kind of news.

Anyways, the Charlatans aren't exactly aliens in the give-stuff-away universe. The Britpoppers let everyone download their live album Live At Delamere Forest in July. Any now, it's studio album number 10, available January 2008, free and peachy, from British online radio site Xfm. It's a beauty of an idea; after all, generosity kills the fat.

To read more, click here.

The Charlatans - Muddy Ground (from Simpatico)

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