Monday, October 22, 2007

The Verve's new track(s): The Thaw Session

Genus Frog: omg
i saw "the verve" in the url
(it's loading)

Pantsy: wait...

(random, unblogable crap)

Pantsy: was waiting all afternoon
cos it was only available for download from 10.30 their time
which turned out to be like 5.30 or something like that here

(more random, unblogable crap)

Genus Frog: have you heard the thaw sessions for yourself?

Pantsy: not yet
just downloaded

Genus Frog: yeah, mine's coming in right now

Pantsy: wah its quite a huge file

Genus Frog: ya
14 mins
putting it on now



The Verve - The Thaw Session (unreleased single)

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