Monday, October 8, 2007

Word for the Week: Machine


Hype Machine has released their redesigned site for private viewing. No screenshots allowed, but my early thoughts are a bit like meeting your nephew for the first time in 20 years: he's a heart-stopping ladykiller with all the glitzy shenanigans that will likely make the family go ga-ga—yet you can't help but reminisce the days when he was the one going "Ga ga". They sure grow up fast.

Aa - New Machine (from GAaME)
Brooklyn snare smackers time travel to 735,309 BC, just as Polyphonic Spree's ancestors get ready to clobber a woolly mammoth. All in a minute-and-a-bit.

Secret Machines - 1,000 Seconds (from Ten Silver Drops)
Epic on every level, save for the fact that it's possibly the dinkiest song on these psych rockers' second album. Simple schmimple.

Intensive Care - Break Me Up, Machine (from 2805 EP)
Montreal's next great hope? Lock the jury up a little longer pending a full length, but by 4:39 of this song, you wouldn't be a shoddy gambler if your bets were placed this way.

Cornelius - New Music Machine (from Fantasma)
Jappy indie chicks captivate American pale face with pixie twinkles and twee giggles. Jappy indie males, like Keigo Oyamada, beat chest and bellow. 私は好む.

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